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About the firm

KKA I Gde Eka Sarmaja, FSAI established in December 2018 by I Gde Eka Sarmaja, FSAI as Kantor Konsultan Aktuaria (Perorangan) after received license from Ministry of Finance - Izin Kantor Konsultan Aktuaria No. 4.18.0003 based on Ministry of Finance decree No. 745/KM.1/2018 date 3 December 2018. KKA GD starts to serving clients in January 2019. 

KKA GD establishes with vision to be a trusted partner for our clients' success. We prioritize quality and professionalism in providing our services. Our team is build with strong and insightful profesionals who have worked in specific industries (Life Insurance, Pension and Consulting) with more than 10 years experience. We provide services in employee benefit consulting and insurance consulting. 

As per June 2020, KKA I Gde Eka Sarmaja, FSAI has transformed to KKA I Gde Eka Sarmaja, FSAI dan Rekan after we received license from Ministry of Finance - Izin Kantor Konsultan Aktuaria No. 5.20.0002 based on Ministry of Finance decree No. 231/KM.1/2020.

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Since beginning of 2020, KKA I Gde Eka Sarmaja, FSAI has combined our business with PT Pointera Aktuarial Strategis aiming to deliver the best quality advice and service based on deep understanding of industry dynamics and best practice on strategic decision making.

PT Pointer Aktuarial Strategis was founded by actuarial and financial practitioner with commitment on quality and tested experience in the area of life insurance, health insurance, general insurance, pension fund, investment and employee benefit schemes.


PT Pointera Aktuarial Strategis hold Ministry of finance license since

23 November 2004 based on decree No. KEP-468/KM.5/2004.



KKA I Gde Eka Sarmaja, FSAI dan rekan has been totally focused being trusted partner to success for our clients. 

Quality and professionalism

We offer high quality advice & service, our fact finding & data handling process is always controlled and monitored at the highest standard. We provide the advice with consideration of multiple perspective but customized to meet client objectives.

Specialized team with broader perspective

Our talent offer extensive industry knowledge being active in the insurance, pension & employee benefits latest best practices, regulation monitor and update in economic/environment trends.

Project management & communication


Strong project management skills with reduce risk of missing deadline or maximize the value of the deliverables in meeting clients’ requirements.

Trusted long term partner

We work independently and respect the sensitivity of particular issues/information. We believe it will be recognized as trusted long term partner to get the right balance of long term objectives achieved from successful small baby steps.


Surat tanda terdaftar Konsultan Aktuaria

IKNB No. 025/NB.122/STTD-KA/2017

dated 18 August 2017


Izin Kantor Konsultan Aktuaria No. 5.20.0002 based on Ministry of Finance decree

No. 231/KM.1/2020.


Registration Number : AKAI-19032*

*sedang dalam proses perubahan




Daya Sinergi Solusi Consulting (DSS) provides strategic management consultation services focused in the full range of business cycle in the financial industry. With a core staff of experienced professionals  in financial industry and a team approach to most consulting projects, DSS helps its clients build for the future.

DSS is powered by knowledge envisioned by the leadership of three business consultants with experience more than 16 years in the financial industry and ability to server clients. Each consultant specializes in a particular discipline, including business development, finance, sales and marketing, technology, management, operations, human resources,  regulatory and compliance framework.

LOGO _MBE_MultiColourGrey.png

MBE Consulting is a specialist consultancy with a reputation for insight and innovation within the financial services sector. We excel at successfully delivering projects in technology solutions, risk management and process improvement, helping our clients become more efficient, effective and profitable.

Drawing from a diverse range of skill sets and disciplines, we are a responsive, creative and highly motivated team; delivering long-lasting, individually tailored programmes, which meet the demanding requirements of the industry.

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